About Bleu

We wish we could share a happy story of how Bleu Rare came to be. Unfortunately, our story started out of desperation.

When Steve’s dog became sick, Steve knew there wasn’t much time left with his dog. He spent countless hours researching different ingredients to incorporate into his dog’s meals to improve his remaining health. 

As a chef, Steve utilized his skills working at a Michelin star restaurant in New York, NY towards his dog’s meals. He spent hours a week freeze-drying high quality proteins to provide nutrient-packed meals for his dog who was struggling to walk.

To his surprise, Steve’s pet’s health significantly improved. He had more energy and enough strength to start walking again! Steve was in disbelief at how well his best friend was doing just from a different diet!

While researching different pet foods, he learned that the pet food industry detrimentally sacrifices quality for mass distribution. Even the companies that heavily market on the "high quality" of their pet foods, Steve learned that the ingredients in them were not the best for pets. Their products would be low quality foods and would include fillers and preservatives.

While Steve was able to enjoy more time than he initially expected with his dog thanks to the carefully prepared meals, Steve’s best friend eventually passed. After a few weeks of grieving, Steve decided that the best way to move forward was to help others spend more time with their pets through a healthier diet.

That’s when Bleu Rare officially started. What started as a side project for friends turned into a mission.

Since then, Bleu Rare has been carefully sourcing, freeze-drying, and packaging high-quality protein across the country for our fur-friends. You can feel confident that your furry family member receives a treat that is carefully sourced and made for quality!


Our mission is simple:

Empower pet owners with the knowledge and resources to provide nutritious food to their best friend so that they can live a long and healthy life!