Your pet deserves a healthy treat!

Single-ingredient treats without any fillers or additives EVER!

  • Exceptional Ingredients

    We start with the finest, carefully-sourced ingredients by a chef with experience in a Michelin star restaurant to ensure that every bite is packed with the nutrition your pet needs and the flavors they crave. Our commitment to quality means no fillers, no artificial additives – just pure quality.

  • Convenience

    Our freeze-dried pet food offers the convenience of kibble without compromising on freshnes. Just open, grab, and serve to watch your pet's tail wag with happiness!

  • Nutrient Preservation

    Our freeze-drying process preserves the natural goodness of our ingredients, locking in vital nutrients and flavors. Freeze-drying removes moisture and retains nutrients. This allows our products to have a higher shelf life without the use of preservatives!

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Our Customers

Bleu's Mission Statement

Bleu started as a side project to provide better nutrition to our own pets. This was driven by the belief that traditional pet food falls short in delivering the essential nutrition our pets deserve. We started sharing it with our friends who repeatedly gave us awesome feedback.

Then we decided that we needed to think bigger and share this with other pet owners.

Our mission is to empower pet owners with the knowledge and resources to provide nutritious food to their best friend.